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Guide Service and Transportation (VAN, seats 1-7 pax): $157.07 per hour

Guide Service and Transportation (SUV, seats 1-7 pax): $193.72 per hour

Guide Service and Transportation (Sprinter Van, seats 1-14 pax): $366.49 per hour

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Arizona Memorial Dock Closure

Arizona Memorial Harbor Cruise Route.png

Arizona Memorial. There is a current issue with the structural integrity of the loading ramp at the Arizona Memorial, and for safety reasons, access to the memorial viewing platform has been temporarily suspended. The remainder of Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial program remain intact, including the mandatory 23-minute film. The visit to the Memorial platform has been replaced for the time being with a harbor cruise using the same Navy vessels to shuttle visitors back and forth. The shuttles move through the harbor and make stops as close to the remains of the USS Arizona as possible. The National Park Service have not given a date on the completion of the repair.

The program at the Arizona Memorial is approximately 75 minutes, including the 23-minute film and harbor cruise. Guides will not be with clients during this portion of the program, as it is run by the NPS. We are offering 1-hour of complimentary guide service and transportation due to the unguided portion. Guides will usher clients to the movie theater to begin the program and meet with them directly after they return from the harbor cruise.

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