Guided Surfing Adventure 

Go beyond a typical surf lesson. Our guides will take you to the best breaks for your skill level! We will paddle out with you and give helpful tips to advance your surfing abilities.

If you have already done the typical surf lesson, then this adventure is for you! Be ready to take your surfing to the next level! Our guide will adjust to your abilities and take you to a spot suitable to your surf experience and give you valuable tips to improve your surfing ability.

What to expect

Please be aware this is not a typical surf lesson, this is a surf experience! We will not be covering the basics like we do in a Surf Lesson. We will help you catch waves by teaching you how to read the waves in order to better determine your positioning in the lineup and when to paddle for the wave. We will also help you improve your turning ability and increase your speed on the wave. Most importantly, this is an opportunity for you to practice!

For our advanced surfers, you will have the opportunity to surf where the best of best surf at the best time of day. Our job is to keep you safe and minimize your risk as you hit the swell! Some surf breaks host crowds that are hostile to surfers that they don’t know or surf without proper surf etiquette. If you rip, you won’t have that problem. Breaks are typically more crowded in the morning and your chances of catching waves are limited.

Want to add a Pro Surfer to this Adventure?


Equipment Provided

  • Surf board (based on your size and ability)

  • Wax

  • Sun protection (rash guard, sunscreen)

  • Towel & Extra clothing

You are encouraged to bring your own board, but we do have an extensive quiver available. You may also rent boards from local vendors. Talk Boards with us here.

Cancellation Policy and Collection and Liability

Guided Surf Trips cancelled within 48 hours are non-refundable. Payment will be collected prior to the reservation. You will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to surfing. As with any water activity, there are associated risks that must be considered.

For children under 18 years of age, parents must sign a liability waiver for their child giving authority in writing to the Guide (by name) to be able check into medical facility to seek medical aid if required. Please provide a copy of medical insurance card and copy of ID. Emergency contact must be listed.

Things to Bring and Warning

Pack light! Have a dry set of cloths. Bring a rash guard or wetsuit top, extra wax, sunscreen, cash, identification, and towel.

Please avoid bringing full-body wetsuits. You won’t need a full body wetsuit unless medically required. The water temperature in Hawaii is about 75 degrees throughout the year.

Please do not bring your passport!

Avoid bringing backpacks or bags. Theft happens in most beach parks. Thieves will be looking for easy targets, such as unattended bags within vehicles. Please help us minimize the risk of thievery.

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