Origins of the Hawaiian People 

The name “Hawaiians” was given to the people of Hawaii under the rule of Kamehameha I. They were the original settlers of the islands. Although the exact date of arrival of the Hawaiians is not known, there are archeological surveys dating back to 300AD at various locations throughout the island chain. Through Mitochondrial DNA and assumptions of migration through the pacific, it is hypothesized that the Hawaiians Migrated through Asia, down through the South Pacific Islands, eventually landing in Hawaii. The “Origins Chant”, also known as the Kumulipo, perpetuated by the people of Hawaii, places Hawaii at the piko of the world. All life to have originated in Hawaii from the beginning and rising from the sea. The Kumulipo also safeguarded rank, birthright, mana (power), and genealogical ties. The chiefs, and later the kings and queens of Hawaii (1795-1893), used to Kumulipo to signify their rank amongst the people. An individual’s genealogy determined the amount of spiritual power, or mana, they possessed.

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