Fly Fishing

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Half and Full Day Fly Fishing Charters

Half Day: $500 and Full Day: $700

Additional Angler:

Half Day: $75 per angler

Full Day: $100 per angler

Pick Up From Waikiki: $50

Maximum of 3 Anglers



Our half day and full day bonefish charters on the fly are awesome.  We take a maximum 3 anglers per trip.  A half day fly fishing charter (4-5 hours) is $500 for the first angler, and $75 for each additional angler.  A full day charter (7-8 hours) is $700 for the first angler, and $100 for each additional angler.  Our captain will meet you at our designated meeting point in Keehi Small Boat Harbor, or pick you up from Waikiki locations for an addition fee of $50. If you decide to be picked up, we will be trailering our flats boat. Please find an adequate spot to for pick up.  Tax and processing fees apply to all credit card transactions.  PLEASE CALL FOR MOLOKAI AND MAUI BOOKINGS: 808-780-1253.

Fly Fishing

We will target bonefish and other fish on the shallow flats of Oahu using a fly rod and custom designed flies. The bonefish feed on crabs, mantis shrimp, shrimp, fish and food of opportunity. We design our flies to travel hook-up on the bottom. This type of fishing is challenging! We will have to present the fly in the front of the bonefish, without the fish being frightened. These fish will swim away at the slightest disturbance. Disturbance to include splashes from walking, the splash from the fly hitting the water, the fish seeing the line before the fly, the shadow of the fly line, and the shadow from the angler. The cast and presentation of the fly has to be perfect! If you canā€™t cast, then you will have to lead the fish and wait until the fish gets within sight distance of the fly.

This is technical fishery, and requires some skill. The most important factor is knowing how to cast. We have provided a few casting demonstrations and blogs to read. Please call us if you have any questions at 808-780-1253.



On the trip we provide the rods, reels, wadding shoes, coolers, snacks and custom designed flies.  We use top-of-the-line fly rods (5-10 wt) to include brands such as Sage, Redington  and Hatch.  With the size and strength of these bonefish, we predominantly use the 8 weight rod.  We also have a variety of reels to choose:  Galvin, Nautilus, Sage, and Hatch.  We have both right hand and left hand retrieve.  Our wading shoes are felt bottom socks to help with traction when walking on the flats.  This type of shoe is called the "Tabi."  Please feel free to bring your own supplies, as well. We also design flies that are made especially for bonefish.   

If you are an avid fly fisherman or fly tying specialist, please fell free to reach out to us for the latest new fly patterns.   Feel free to bring your own gear.  Keep in mind that you will need at least 100 yards of backing.   


Our boat is a 15 foot Fly Fishing Flats boat with a custom designed fly basket and platform.


Trips cancelled within 48 hours is non-refundable.

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