Visit the Arizona Memorial -Private Tour

The Arizona Memorial and BB-39 USS Arizona Battleship

The Arizona Memorial and BB-39 USS Arizona Battleship

Pick up time: 0800 or 1300

Total: $471.21

Duration: 3 hours

Includes: Admission to the Arizona Memorial

Vehicle Type: Mini Van


This is the most efficient way to visit the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. A Keawe Adventures guide will pick you up from hotels, residence, airport or cruise ships on the South Side of the island-Waikiki to Koolina. We offer two tour times: morning pick-ups at 0800 and afternoon pick-ups at 1300. You also have the option to meet the guide in the front of the Pearl Harbor visitors center under the American flag. A maximum of 7 individuals per tour. The tour is 3 hours in duration.



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What sets this tour apart from the others? Our guides! We take pride in training program and certify each guide. We are confident in the knowledge and professionalism of each of our guides, and we hold our guides to the highest standards in the industry. Upon pick-up our guide will paint the picture of the events that lead up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and answer the ultimate question-Why did Japan Attack America? Our guides will secure your ticket times for the Arizona Memorial, familiarize you to Pearl Harbor, and keep the tour flowing. They will be able to answer most of the questions relevant to the Attack, and share provide personal experiences of sacrifice or duty to country (military veteran guides). The majority of guides we hire are military combat veterans. They are the 1% of Americans that signed up to protect the constitution of the United States. Safeguarding the freedoms we enjoy. They have sacrificed, and they are able to provide a unique prospective of War and of Service to Country.


At Pearl Harbor, our guide will secure ticket times for the Arizona Memorial program. The guide will orientate you with what you see at Pearl Harbor, and explain the events that happened on 7 December 1941. You will watch a 23-minute video, followed by a harbor cruise of the Arizona Memorial. Upon completion of the program you will meet your guide at the designated rally point, and head back to the hotel. You may have time to visit other sites or be dropped off at another location-time permitting. This tour is roughly 3 hours in duration.


The Arizona Memorial hovers over the historic USS Arizona battleship where 1177 men lost their lives. The ship is a symbol of our involvement in WWII, sacrifice, and freedom. The architect of the Arizona Memorial, Alfred Preis, fled Vienna, Austria in 1939 in the face of the German annexation of his homeland and emigrated to the U.S. with the help of the Catholic Refugee Association. He settled in Honolulu, and after the bombing of Pearl Harbor he was detained for three months at the Sand Island Detainment Camp. The Memorial was dedicated by John F. Kennedy in 1962. LEARN MORE


This is the only private Pearl Harbor tour, owned and operated by United States Marine Corps Veteran, Hawaiian and Naval Academy Graduate. We appreciate your time and we appreciate the opportunity to share our home and a significant piece of history. LEARN MORE

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