Fishing Near Shore

Light tackle fishing is a great experience for kids and families. Depending on your desire and request, we will create a custom fishing adventure.   We have various rods and reals for all ages and types of fishing.   


Lets cast out some bait and wait.  Using a combination of sinker, swivel, hook and bait, we target various fish on the inner reefs.   We can take a maximum of 4 anglers, or maximum 1500lbs, on our Andros Flats boat or we can go from shore and take up to 6 anglers.   Depending on your set up and what is biting, we will determine the type of hook and bait used. We typically use squid, octopus or shrimp and anywhere from a size 10-20 hook.   We have chairs and a cooler we will bring upon request. Spend a couple hours in Hawaii at the beach with a couple poles out. Let us know your food preference and we will pick up sandwiches, bentos, and fresh fruit for an afternoon picnic for an additional cost.   


In general, whipping takes a little more skill than dunking and is more of an active fishing technique. We will use a combination of weight, hook, lure and swivel to cast and retrieve until we catch a fish. Whipping from the boat is fun, but only two individuals can safely participate. We can take up to 4 individuals whipping from land.  Keeping the amount of anglers to a minimum will increase the amount of time you have with the guide.  

Bonefish without the Fly Rod

We can utilize a jig to target bonefish.   The jigs work!   You'll have to find the fish and cast well in front of the fish.   If all goes right, you will see the bonefish dart in the direction of the jig and take it without hesitation. We can do this from the boat or by wadding out on the flats.   


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