Fishing Tours


Fly Fishing

Enjoy wading in Hawaii's shallow waters in a quiet, mystic experience with our guides. Bonefish, also known as Oio, thrive in the sandy, shallow waters around the island. You can often see their tails waving in the air on low tides as they feed on mantis shrimp, crabs, sand turtles, and squid. Our guides will help you "match the hatch" (use a fly that closely resembles the fish's natural prey) to land your first Hawaiian Bonefish. Weather a beginner or an experienced angler, let's give you the opportunity to catch these illusive fish!

The flat's depth ranges from 0-4 feet and is easily accessible by foot. You can expect to do a lot a walking over uneven grounds but in the end, if we are lucky, you'll be able to brag to all your friends about the giant Hawaiian bonefish you just caught.

Light Tackel Fishing

Light Tackle Fishing is our most popular family fishing tour.  Using spinners and rods, we head to our favorite fishing spots to catch island predators.  This is an exciting tour as you never know what you will catch!

We will walk the rocky coastline, whipping into the surf in efforts to catch Omilu, Papio, Moana, Nunu, Moi, and RaRoys.  These are some of the predator fish in the area.  As you fish, your guide will explain where to cast and and how to reel over different areas of the reef.  

Fish can either be caught and released, or we can make arrangements with a local restaurant. 



Potential Fly Fishing areas include Portlock, Kuliouou, Niu Valley, Kahala, Alamoana, and Chinaman's Hat. However, weather,  waves, and tides determine the location of the day.


We provide Reef Walkers, an 8 or 9-weight Rod, Reel, and Flies.

Things to Bring: 

Sunscreen, Cash (some places accept cash only), Identification, Camera, Towel, Bathing Suite/Trunks (or something you don't mind getting wet in), and Sandals or Slippers.


Spear Fishing

Come learn the basics of Hawaiian spear fishing!  Before entering the water, we teach necessary safety tips including how to shoot the three prong spear, how to walk with it, and how to swim with it.  We treat every spear like a loaded weapon.  Safety is our priority on every tour. 

For spearfishing tours, you must be 14 years of age and have prior experience snorkeling, as you need to dive under the water in order to spear the fish.  Hawaii State Laws regarding which fish you can shoot and how will be explained to you in detail before entering the ocean.

Our guides are experienced free divers and have accumulated thousands of hours of ocean time.  They are also CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard certified.  Our job is to teach you the basics and keep you as safe as possible during the tour.  Therefore our groups are limited to three people per group, with a one-on-one ratio of guide to guest.

Potential Locations:  

Sandy Beach, Maunalua Bay, Diamond Head, West Side, and North Shore.  Dive location will depend on weather, wave, current and visibility.


We provide dive buoys, spear, fins, mask, snorkel, and dive flag.

Things to Bring:  

Rash guard or wetsuit (optional), sunscreen, and towel.  Keep in mind that if you bring a wet suit, you must bring your own weight belt.


Flat Boat

You want to fly fish?   We have the best equipment and captains in the business.   Our 15 foot Andros flat water boat is ideal for the waters around Oahu.   We have an easy to use basket and platform to cast from and spot fish.   

Our Captains know the waters and can put you on fish.   On a good day you will have at least 30 shots at these elusive fish.   

Each booking with the boat is a minimum of 5 hours.   



Guide Service and Transportation in VAN: $157.07/Hour

Guide Service and Transportation in SUV: $193.72/Hour

* For larger groups, please call to inquire other options