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Live out your dream of landing a giant Hawaiian bonefish on the fly. Pound for pound, these fish are the toughest fighters-especially on the fly rod. You will catch fish that will take 200+ yards of backing on the first run!

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The Hawaiian Bonefish

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We specialize in targeting Hawaiian bonefish on the flats of the island of Oahu. Catching a bonefish on the fly rod is one of the most exhilarating experience in the fly fishing community. We take up to 3 anglers per guide, and we offer half or full-day fly fishing charters. Fly fishing in Hawaii is for individuals with a moderate level experience. You will need to be able to cast at least 25-feet using an 8-weight or 9-weight fly fishing floating line with a fly designed specifically for bonefish. We also offer fly casting lessons for novice fly fisherman.


Our guides will help you find and see the fish swimming in the shallow waters in on the flats and offer expert tips to enhance your fly fishing experience. Having 3 individuals on a fly fishing trip can result in less individual attention and decrease the number of “shots” at bonefish. A “shot” is a cast or opportunity to present the fly in the front of the bonefish. We recommend one guide per angler, especially for inexperienced anglers. Anglers requiring less assistance in a group of 3 are encourage to take “shots” at fish they see.

Spotting Bonefish

Bonefish are difficult to see on the flats of Hawaii. The water depth, bottom topography and composition, amount of sun and water clarity are all important factors for sighting bonefish. The bonefish are more visible in shallow water over sand compared to seaweed patches. Sunny days with no clouds and dark cloudy days are both great for spotting bonefish. If you have fly fished for bonefish previously, then you will have witnessed a brief pause to fishing while a single cloud blocks the sun, decreasing the visibility of bonefish. To help decrease glare caused by the Sun we always recommend using Costa Sunglasses with Copper or Sunrise lenses to help see the elusive Hawaiian Bonefish. It is also harder to see fish in brown water versus clean water. The bonefish can range in color from green or aqua to gray or translucent.

The best way to spot bonefish while fly fishing in Hawaii is to scan the water to your front and look for anything moving with slight variations in color. Then once you spot it, you need to focus on that area until you determine the direction the bonefish is swimming in.

casting at a bonefish while fly fishing in Hawaii

Our guides at Keawe Adventures and Fly Fishing Hawaii will help you cast at the bonefish by predicting where the bonefish is traveling. The rule of thumb in regards to casting and presenting the fly is to adjust your cast based on the bones’ reaction. Gauging the distance between the fish and the fly is to start at one fly rod length and decrease the distance based on the reaction of the bonefish. Our guide will help in getting the fly in the front of the bonefish towards the bottom before the bonefish hits the mark. The fly needs to look as natural as possible.

Fly Line Retrieve

Stripping or retrieving the fly line will while fly fishing in Hawaii for bonefish will vary depending on how the bonefish reacts, the water depth, bottom topography, weight of fly, and current. For the most part, you will need to keep the fly near the bottom, and the bonefish must see the fly. If the bonefish does not see the fly, then the chances of catching a bonefish decreases.

Half Day Fly Fishing Charters Hawaii

Our fly fishing charters are located on the flats on Oahu, Hawaii. Our half day fly fishing charters are 4 to 5 hours in duration and include water and snacks. Full day fly fishing charters are 7-8 hours and include drinks and lunch. We provide a cooler with ice that may be used for personal snacks and drinks, as well. We allow up to three angler per fly fishing trip. Prices are subject to Hawaii State tax and processing fees.

Full Day Fly Fishing Charters (One Angler): $875

Additional Angler: $150

*Transportation (Round Trip): $70

*Transportation from Waikiki Locations Only

Half Day Fly Fishing Charter (One Angler): $500

Additional Angler: $100

*Transportation (Round Trip): $70

*Transportation from Waikiki Locations Only

The Bonefish

The bonefish, or Albula vulpes, are the targeted fish.   These fish grow in excess of 10lbs and and are common in the waters of Hawaii.    We usually see these fish in the sandy shallow waters within the reef, slowly gliding along the bottom in search of food. Seeing these fish and placing the fly where you expect the fish to end up without scaring the fish is the key to success. The bonefish on Oahu are very easily spooked. The bonefish can sense even the slightest vibrations on the surface, and dart in the opposite direction.

Flies used to Catch Bonefish In Hawaii

The fly is a combination of fur, nylon, flash, rubber and other synthetic materials intertwined into an intricate work of art mimicking the natural prey of the bonefish. If you are making a bonefish fly and want advice, just give us a call or text. We use natural colors to resemble shrimp, mantis shrimp, crabs, and other organisms the bonefish eat. Our fly fishing guides in Hawaii will use tested and proven flies to help you catch your first Hawaiian Bonefish on the fly. Check out this video by Fly Fishing Hawaii featuring their Tachivana Fly.

Fly Fishing Hawaii and Keawe Adventures

Keawe Adventures works closely with Fly Fishing Hawaii LLC to conduct fly fishing tours in Honolulu, Hawaii. Fly Fishing Hawaii provides both Fly Fishing Flats Boat and Guides for our fly fishing trips. Check out this short advertising video by Fly Fishing Hawaii LLC to get an idea of fly fishing in Hawaii. Fly Fishing Hawaii LLC is hired as a contractor for Keawe Adventures. Our prices include booking fees.

Fly Fishing Flats Boat

Our boat is a 15 Foot Adnros fly fishing flats boat shipped in from Florida for our fly fishing charters.  We have a specially designed fly platform for fly casting that allows to spot fish from an elevated position. The draft is about 10 inches, which allows us to navigate around the reef.  We take up to 3 anglers per fly fishing charter. We use the boat when conditions (tide and wind) are ideal. The bonefish guide will determine the best location to fish, either utilizing the boat, or wadding.


Fishing Near Shore

Light tackle fishing is a great experience for kids and families. Depending on your desire and request, we will create a custom fishing adventure.   We have various rods and reals for all ages and types of fishing.   


Lets cast out some bait and wait.  Using a combination of sinker, swivel, hook and bait, we target various fish on the inner reefs.   We can take a maximum of 4 anglers, or maximum 1500lbs, on our Andros Flats boat or we can go from shore and take up to 6 anglers.   Depending on your set up and what is biting, we will determine the type of hook and bait used. We typically use squid, octopus or shrimp and anywhere from a size 10-20 hook.   We have chairs and a cooler we will bring upon request. Spend a couple hours in Hawaii at the beach with a couple poles out. Let us know your food preference and we will pick up sandwiches, bentos, and fresh fruit for an afternoon picnic for an additional cost.   

Dunking with the Kids


In general, whipping takes a little more skill than dunking and is more of an active fishing technique. We will use a combination of weight, hook, lure and swivel to cast and retrieve until we catch a fish. Whipping from the boat is fun, but only two individuals can safely participate. We can take up to 4 individuals whipping from land.  Keeping the amount of anglers to a minimum will increase the amount of time you have with the guide.  


Bonefish without the Fly Rod

We can utilize a jig to target bonefish.   The jigs work!   You'll have to find the fish and cast well in front of the fish.   If all goes right, you will see the bonefish dart in the direction of the jig and take it without hesitation. We can do this from the boat or by wadding out on the flats.   


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