Big Island


Hawaii island aka big island

The youngest of the islands, the Big Island holds over half of the landmass of the entire state of Hawaii and is the furthest southeast of the chain.  Well known for having the most active volcano in the world, Kilauea, it also holds the world's largest surfacing volcano, Mauna Loa, as well as the tallest mountain in the world (from under sea level base), Mauna Kea.  These summits greatly diversify this land with a richly-vegetated, high-altitude north, a colder, snow-capped center, foggy, volcanic air mixed with salty ocean atmosphere in the east, and a dry rocky south.  

Home of Kamehameha the Great, this land has a powerful history of chiefdom and religious ceremonies and is where the explorer Captain Cook was killed after recently discovering the islands.  Modern day culture still breathes much of this history as ancient rock formations and petroglyphs still line miles of black lava and many of the heiaus (ceremonial sites) and battle sites are left untouched (as Big Island has less development than the other major islands).  Today it hosts the world's largest astronomical observatory, the world elite Ironman championships, and the famous Kona Coffee (the largest "coffee belt" of the United States' ONLY commercially-grown coffee state). 

Our guides can show you the laid-back way of small-town living and true remoteness of living off the land and sea.  Let us enchant you with the majesty of this landmass and ensure your way through this land of "Pele" (the Fire Goddess) is one to never forget.